Automation and AI

IADT deals with two areas that are closely linked:

    • Automation – the autonomous operation of technical actors
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Automation – autonomous operation of technical actors

Automation means that a technical actor, such as a software bot or a mechanical machine, performs activities automatically.

Traditionally, in-house robotics had a low level of complexity and was only exposed to a few environmental influences. Artificial intelligence is now opening up new horizons for machine interaction and higher levels of complexity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence means that technical actors such as computer programs, bots and machines are able to accumulate conceptual and experiential knowledge – they become capable of learning.

Where traditional automation used static software code (programs) to control technical parameters, AI makes it possible for technical actors to further develop their own software code within the framework of predefined rules and prioritizations.

In view of a wide range of skills, complex decision-making, high levels of autonomy and ubiquity, we speak of empowered “bots”. In the future, complex software units will be autonomous technical actors.



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