Digital Transformation

IADT supports the digital transformation in two areas:

    • Turning traditional business into digital business, applying specific logics and principles
    • Creation of New Digital Business Models


Converting your business

The transformation of a running business is based on a systematic approach and IADT’s proprietary methodology.

Data and information are at the heart of digitization. Physical reality must be virtualized, i.e. mapped as information. Information is then converted into data and transferred to an IT system. Data is constantly being generated in day-to-day practice. A range of technical options are available for this, such as sensor technology, database access and more.

Most importantly, data and information provide strategic advantages – provided that information is digitized as data and software code.

Every type of successful business management is based on data and information: comparisons and improvements, statistically calculated foresight, simulation, automation, enabling new types of processes – without data and information, these design options cannot be used. In other words, data and information empower your organization and open up new horizons.

Digitization requires ubiquity. Information is often not needed where it is generated. Ubiquity is created through data networks such as LANs, W-LANs, the Internet.

The power of ubiquity works in two directions:

On the one hand, it has a centralizing effect, for example when millions of dislocated individuals organize themselves into a group and pool their knowledge and energy.

On the other hand, there is the decentralization effect, for example by making a paper file available in digital form to a large number of dispersed users.

In both cases, time and space are almost irrelevant. Digitization gives an organization strategic power.

In the IADT seminars you will learn how the principles of digitalization can make your organization more effective.

In IADT consulting projects we contribute valuable methodological knowledge and accelerate the transformation process in your company.


Creation of New Business Models

Digitization, data in combination with ubiquity, allows a number of advantageous new business process designs. The challenge is to use this systematic approach to enable new processes and services.

Digitization enables completely new procedures, business processes and services. This is where innovation begins.

IADT new business development can help you to take new steps ahead of the game.


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