Online Seminar A.1: Data-based Smart Products: Get much more out of your physical product 16.10.2024

599,00  plus VAT where applicable


About this Online Seminar

Many manufacturers of tangible hardware products such as furniture, car parts or consumer goods reach their limits when it comes to digitization: unlike a movie, new software releases or a boardroom speech, they cannot be digitized and distributed via the Internet.

In this advanced seminar, we show how supposedly conventional haptic products can be upgraded – and how completely new applications, service products and strategy options can be created.

We will show you how to make products fit for the future, differentiate them from the competition and inspire customers in the long term.

Our advanced seminar provides all participants with the necessary knowledge on the key aspects of data-based, intelligent products for digital transformation in a compact and well-structured format.

Current case studies illustrate the learning content in a practice-oriented way.


Session 1:  Introduction and Basics

    • Sense and purpose of data-based intelligent products
    • Digital vs. tangible products – are tangible products intelligent?
    • Which categories of data can be generated?
    • The 3-S concept: sensors, storage, secure control

Session 2:   Data Usage,  Applications, and Disruptive Service Strategies

    • Just-procurement or re-assembly of data (open data)
    • Applications and data usage
    • The 8 magic points  – the fundament for apps and services
    • In-house service offers – along the alley to disruptive service strategies
    • Managers responsible for product  and service development
    • Experts from strategy, business development, corporate development and other
    • Entrepreneurs and members of corporate start-ups
Your Speaker

Prof. Dr. Carl B. Welker is himself active in digital business. He teaches digitalization, entrepreneurship and strategy at leading universities.

He is head of the IADT where he conducts research and strategy development for well-known industrial and technology companies.

Dates and times

Wednsday  16.10.2024

Session 1        (90 min.)         08:00 a.m. – 09:30 a.m.
Virtual coffee break
Session 2        (90 min.)         09:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

participation fee

Advanced Seminar (2 x 90 min.)
€  599,– plus VAT 19%

Why we emphasize Online Seminars

Here you find the predominant 5 points that count for our clients:

    • More flexible time management – this seminar solely consumes single time slots, no longer complete workdays blocked in your calendar
    • Your attendence independent from where you are – join our sessions from any place you prefer 
    • Better usage of your scarce working time: despite attending the seminar, you can still accept other telephone conferences, a personal meeting – or take your kids to the kindergarden before work 
    • No more time losses due to travelling, e.g. arrivals the day before and overnight stays
    • No more extra expenses for travel and accomodation
Certificate of Participation

Attendees receive a personalised Certificate of Participation, issued by the IADT Institute.


This Online Seminar will be organized by IADT Academy @ IADT Institute.

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