Token Creation – New Business on Blockchains 03.08.2024

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Tokenisation is a new approach to create functional and business objects and values on blockchains: Tokens.Tokens may include numerous functionalities, called smart contracts.

Tokens may represent various property rights, may be transferred and tradeable. The benefits and potentials of token economy are accessible to firms of all industries.

This Online Seminar provides all substantial knowledge about tokens and new business basing upon tokenisation.



About this Online Seminar

The Internet of Value is based on Distributed Ledger Technologies.  Meanwhile there exist several commercial blockchains.

Creation of tokens is a new approach to create value at the benefits of web3. 

Categories such as information tokens, value tokens or object tokens promise a wide area of beneficial business applications in almost all industries.

Tokens allow for linking various rights of disposal such, e.g. ownership, or other benefits. Tokens allow for global transfer and trade of tamper-proof information or values of any kind.  Compared to traditional objects or securities, tokens are distinct. Blockchain networks and token features allow for new business models that will replace traditional business and enable totally new ones.

Token creation bears new potentials that may be utilised by businesses of various industries such as logistics, banking, wholesale, retail, energy transmission, real estate, in arts, entertainment and environmental business.

This Online Seminar provides fundamental knowledge on the basics of token business:  the nature of tokens, its benefits, current challenges, the characteristics of new blockchain-based business models.


    • Digitalisation and Disruption
    • Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchain as technological infrastructure
    • The nature and central features of tokens
    • Precise IADT token definitions and IADT classifications
    • Tokenisation of physical and digital assets – Practical examples
    • Creation of new business models basing upon tokenisation of assets
    • Outlook and future trends
Target Group / Attendees
    • Management staff concerned with strategy, new business development, product management
    • Project management
    • Entrepreneurs and corporate start-up management

Your Speaker

Prof. Dr. Carl B. Welker is a digital entrepreneur. He is head of the IADT; his business practice is working for research and strategy departments of renowned industrial and technology firms.


Saturday 03.08.2024    03:00 p.m. – 06:00 p.m.

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Certificate of Participation

Attendees receive a personalised Certificate of Participation, issued by the IADT Institute.


This Online Seminar will be organised by IADT Academy @ IADT Institute.